Living in a concrete jungle, there are some days when you just want to wild out, wilderness style. Lucky for us, the Everglades is at our doorstep, so there’s always an opportunity to get your adventure on.
Hitch a ride with Airboat in Everglades, and you’ll get up close and personal with birds, gators, fish, mangroves and all kinds of other flora and fauna — much of it unique to the famous “River of Grass.” Semi private rides are more affordable, and you share the flat-bottomed boat with a few new friends.
Then there are the private rides, and when the boat’s all yours, you can instruct the captain on your riding style.
Fast and furious, or slow and steady. It ain’t cheap, but the best things never are. Besides, how can you put a price on Mother Nature’s wonders?

Airboat Tour in Everglades:


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Airboat Expedition of the Everglades
“Inches deep, but nearly fifty miles wide, the Everglades is America’s slowest moving river,” says Steve Caves, our guide for Airboat in Everglades who coasted to a stop within a couple feet of an 9-foot-plus-long American alligator. “He’s usually here. It’s his beachfront property,” he jokes. As the only ecosystem of its kind on the planet, the Everglades, dubbed “river of grass,” stretches for miles in all directions, interrupted only by a few drainage canals. “Back in the 1940s, they tried to drain it,” explains Caves, a billowing man who could probably wrestle an alligator and come out on top. “Low and behold, it turned out to be a river,” he says with a laugh. “Water overflows Lake Okeechobee and creeps southward to the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of only 2,000 feet per day.”

After spending a few minutes going over the differences between crocodiles and alligators (the Everglades is the only place where both co-exist), our guide fires up the twin prop, 496-horsepower engine and we speed off over the grass, swishing past blue herons, great egrets and an ibis. Wind in our faces and earmuffs over our ears, protecting them from the thundering engine powering our boat, our group of eight sit back for our intimate backcountry tour. By the end of the trip, we saw eight gators and numerous bird species, including the colorful Purple Gallinule.

To continue the adventure on foot or bike inside the 2,357-square-mile Everglades National Park, head to the Bobcat Boardwalk Trail, with its half-mile boardwalk over the water. Pick up the trail behind the Shark Valley Visitor Center. Have a bike? Shark Valley offers avid bicyclists to loop through the sawgrass wilderness on a 15-mile blacktop road with plentiful alligators and crocodiles reminding you to stay on the road. For an extra fee, you can also hop a tram, fueled with biodiesel, for a two-hour guided tour. More than thirty-six species of endangered animals thrive within the park, including the elusive Florida panther.


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Making a trip through the dense forest and wildlife that surrounds it is tough as it is surrounded by water as well. To facilitate your endeavors, there are airboat rides catering to your demands and making you visit the forbidden places, otherwise. Guides that have a thorough knowledge about the place that helps you get the best know how about the region, there is plenty on offer.

Free flowing wind that cuts across your face, beautiful sights and sounds all around, you can take a view of some of the best locations by letting your hair loose. A must-do event on visiting Florida, the trip will take you by surprise and let you explore. Professionals are present with the best airboat rides in South Florida that help you get the best of experience will making the splendid transform.

A bountiful of wildlife like raccoons, whitetail deer, wild boar and alligators are present all across that help you make the most of the opportunity in viewing and capturing moments that later on get to become memories. Adrenalin pumping, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the place that keeps you engaged and glued to the place and keeps your interest level high.


Explore Florida’s swamps on a tour with Airboat in Everglades – Private Tours.
All tours are conducted by seasoned airboat pilots who have intimate knowledge of the Everglades and years of experience guiding tours.


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Home Base
17696 SW 8 ST
Miami, FL 33194
Telephone: 1-888-893-4443
Hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Daily
Walk ups welcome but subject to availability







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