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  1. cartierbraceletlove I, like many of you, admittedly bought into the myths and stigma against pit bulls. I could never understand why someone would ever actually want to own one, although I certainly didn’t judge those who did. And, then I was asked to “foster” a seven-week old pitbull puppy for the Humane Society for ‘at most 7-10 days.” That was 4 months ago. He stole our hearts from day 1 and today, Diesel is by far the sweetest, smartest, most well behaved puppy I’ve ever owned. He blended in perfectly with his 3 dog siblings (2 yorkies and a border collie mix) and is an incredibly beloved and spoiled member of our family. I honestly am almost in awe daily of his sweet nature. In fact, knowing what I know now about the breed, I’m not sure I can ever picture my life without a pit bull in it. BSL has always angered me, but more so now than ever.
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