Airboat In Everglades T Shirt White

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  1. cartierlovejesduas Hapax said it best, so I’m not going to add to her words in regards to this passage. I am going to say, Joe, that I feel sorry for you because I think it’s clear that your parents and teachers never bothered to teach you reading comprehension, critical thinking, or how to formulate an argument of your own. Your Bible teachers have also not bothered to teach you how to read, understand, and use the Bible without pulling out whole chapters and using them to clobber people. This is a shame and it is grievously unfair to you. However, I am not going to bother typing out carefully reasoned arguments anymore. They will be wasted on you. I do not have a lesbian epic romance to write, but I do have a delicious strawberry pie to make and a picnic to go to, and I think those are worthy uses of my time.
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