Sunset Airboat Tour in Everglades



Private Sunset and Night Time Airboat Tour rates begin after 5:00 pm. Florida is known for many beautiful things and among them are our majestic and surreal sunsets, and that is why we offer the Sunset and Night-Time Tours. Wondrous memories and adventure await you as the sun goes down and stars shine.The rates for this adventure begin at 3:30 pm daily.

Reservations are recommended at least 2 day in advance

One Hour: $275.00 for two people
One And A Half Hours: $375.00 for two people
Two Hours: $475.00 for two people

$60.00 Dollars for each additional person over the age of 5


Sunset and nighttime airboat tours offer a completely different experience compared to daytime tours. The Everglades, or any wetland environment, transforms as day turns to night, and many nocturnal animals emerge. Here’s what you can expect and some considerations if you’re thinking of embarking on a sunset or nighttime airboat tour:

What to Expect:

  1. Atmosphere: As the sun sets, the sky over the Everglades can be a breathtaking canvas of oranges, purples, and reds. It’s serene, with the sounds of nature becoming more pronounced as the world darkens.
  2. Wildlife: Many creatures of the Everglades are nocturnal. Night tours might give you a chance to spot animals like owls, bats, and even nocturnal reptiles. Alligators, for instance, are more active during cooler evenings.
  3. Temperature: It tends to be cooler in the evenings, making the experience more comfortable, especially during the hotter months.
  4. Guided Experience: A knowledgeable guide will use spotlights to highlight wildlife and points of interest. The darkness also means that you’ll be more reliant on their expertise to navigate and explain the sights and sounds.
  5. Sensory Experience: The lack of visual stimuli heightens your other senses. The sounds of the wetlands at night – from the chirp of crickets and the distant call of birds to the subtle movements of water – create a unique auditory experience.


  1. Dress Appropriately: Evenings can get chilly on the water, so bring a light jacket or sweater. Mosquito repellent is also crucial, as bugs can be more active during dusk.
  2. Safety: Ensure that the tour operator provides all necessary safety equipment, including life vests and ear protection.
  3. Camera: If you’re keen on photography, note that nighttime shots can be challenging due to the low light and movement of the boat. A camera with a good low-light function or a flash might be helpful.
  4. Reservations: Sunset and nighttime tours might be less frequent than daytime outings, so it’s a good idea to book in advance.
  5. Duration: Check the duration of the tour. Night tours might be shorter or longer than daytime counterparts.

In conclusion, sunset and nighttime airboat tours provide a unique way to experience the wetlands’ nocturnal side. It’s an adventure that combines the thrill of speeding through the waters in the dark with the serene beauty of nature at rest. If you have the opportunity, it’s a journey worth taking.