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Everglades Transportation Before exploring the Everglades maybe, just maybe, you might want to know a little bit about the city your traveling in. We have visitors who come from all over the world to enjoy a vacation with us Floridians here in Miami. Many times visitors choose to use Uber or Lyft or Taxi or […]


1 HOUR SEMI PRIVATE AIRBOATĀ ADVENTURE The 1 hour semi private airboat adventure is our most economic tour. It covers 8 miles of the Florida Everglades. The most common animals seen on this particular airboat tour, are alligators birds and turtles in their natural habitat in the east Everglades.. This tour is only available at 8:00am, […]

Local Phone 305-972-3297


Advanced Reservations Recommended

Airboat In Everglades

17696 SW 8 ST
Miami, FL 33194
Telephone: 1-888-893-4443

Local Phone 305-972-3297
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Daily

Walk ups welcome but subject to availability
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Homestead and the Florida keys

Advanced Reservations Recommended

Homestead Airboat Tour
123 N Krome Ave,
Homestead, FL 33030


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