Great time in Everglades

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This was a fantastic tour. There was an accident that held everyone up from getting there, but the crew was super accommodating to ensure no one was left behind. The captain gave us background about the airboats, and made sure to point out all the gators. A large male swam up to the boat to greet us. Highly enjoyable trip, with a great crew! Thank you

Visited December 2018


Andy B

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We just want to give a great thank you to Willy for his excellent tour guide last Saturday He was very informative and a very nice guy. He made the ride feel safe and exiting. Thank you all we had a blast.

December 13, 2018

Andy B

Great experience!

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Our son wanted to try this adventure while we were here celebrating Thanksgiving. Read many of the reviews prior to booking. I made our reservation over the phone. Katie was very helpful with booking. She explained everything about the tour. She was equally helpful when we met her in person. Don’t be put off by meeting at a gas station. It all works out. The semi private tour we had with guide Moe was great!!! He was personable and knowledgeable. The three of us were with four others. Just the right amount. This is one of the great sites! Totally enjoyed this!
Reviewed 11-25-18

Amazing Trip!

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Had the pleasure of one of the semi-private tours. Since it began to rain a little bit, i were the only one on the boat – and had an amazing 1 hour journey. Captain Pete knew everything about the area, the animals, etc and occasionally stopped the boat, to show off some hidden places, where the different types of alligators live. I really enjoyed this trip, and im sure that even if the boat would have been full, i would still have had an amazing trip
KSIOI2848 Denmark

A must do #bucketlist

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I live in Miami, and this is a must do for everybody. Today, I was joined by a few friends. This is not a bus type airboat ride. But the kind you see in the movies or on tv shows like CSI Miami. When you come to Miami, enjoy our wild side!
October 15, 2018

Airboat In Everglades

5 of 5 Stars - Reviewed August 24, 2018

The tour we booked was amazing! it is not necessary to book the trip bc you can go there and just sign in for a tour. they are located in a gas-station so at first you don´t really know where it is. so if you search for them just by navigation, you have to go inside the shop and then sign up. for the trip you need a hat/cap and sunglasses because the tour is normally during the time where the sun is burning so if you don’t want to risk a sunburn, bring some sunscreen. The airboat is a lot of fun bc sometimes they drive really fast. I am pretty sure that you will see some alligators bc the guides know exactly where they are swimming. If yo have luck, you may see some baby alligators. So all in all I can highly recommend this tour!

Christinaaa_n Orlando, West Virginia 1

Wonderful! Must do!

Airboat In Everglades Vacation
5 of 5 Stars - Reviewed July 15, 2018

Victor was our captain and he’s brilliant. It was so much fun and we were lucky e ough to see two mother gators guarding two nests at different spits on the tour, 2 baby gators, 2 large male gators and one female gator. The highlight was the male gator sinking under the water and attacking the female right next to the boat and splashing us all. Unreal experience.

Rach J Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Great Experience ;)

not gator park
5 of 5 Stars - Reviewed July 14, 2018

Thanks Mo… – Matt Capt. Mo did a great job it was an outstanding experience and I would recommend this tour to all. Lots of wildlife / gators/ turtles / birds and fish. And very education regarding the ecosystem of the Everglades.

K8733LPmatt Sacramento, California


5 of 5 Stars - Reviewed 06, 13, 2018

Not sure where some of the negative comments are coming from. We took the private ride. What a blast!!! It took all of 5 minutes before we were out on the glades cutting through the water. Kudos to Capn Mo for his skills and vast knowledge of the everglades and it’s inhabitants. A shout out to “Jumper” and “Pretty Boy”, two of the local reptilian residents. We also saw a gator nest with Mama close by and two young gators at another location. Special visits with a couple of feathered friends that hitched a ride with us. All so cool!!

jonracs1 Williamsville, New York

Thrilling Airboat Ride

5 of 5 Stars - Reviewed May 14, 2018

We took semi private air boat trip with this company. Our captain was Willie. The trip was on my bucket list! It lasted an hour and fulfilled our expectations. Willie was very friendly and informative and made our trip fun. I would definitely recommend this airboat tour to anyone.

Raj L Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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