Everglades Transportation

Before exploring the Everglades maybe, just maybe, you might want to know a little bit about the city your traveling in. We have visitors who come from all over the world to enjoy a vacation with us Floridians here in Miami. Many times visitors choose to use Uber or Lyft or Taxi or what have you. We take great pride in our community to provide private transportation to and from the Florida Everglades, with a great explanation of its surroundings. Our operations are approximately 35  to 45 minutes west of Miami’s South Beach.  We provide door to door service with the following tours listed below. Advanced reservations are recommended because availability is limited.

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**1.5 Hour Private Airboat Adventure with pick up

$575 – Minimum of 4 Guests
each additional guest – $60

**2 Hour Private Airboat Adventure with pick up

$675 – Minimum of 4 Guests 
each additional guest – $60

**Reservations are recommended at least 1 day in advance.

Private airboat tours can be scheduled for anytime of the day you wish depending on availability. Transportation is available with advanced reservations.


Walk ups are accepted but are subject to availability.

The private airboat tour rates ABOVE are with transportation.