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Airboat Tour In Everglades

Airboats are the machines that facilitate the roaming and sight seeing of the natural beauty. Packed with some of the most comfortable vinyl seats and high performance engines hand built for comfort. Our airboats are the means of transport that allow you to ride and slide threw sheer beauty the Florida Everglades has to offer.

Best Airboat Tour In Everglades

Captains that love their jobs share their knowledge and experience with visitors from around the world. Professionals who have a better know how of the exact location of the forests take care of your trip. Providing you with the best scenery all around, they make your trip worth making. Affordable airboat adventures and tours are

Luxury Airboat Rides Everglades

Taking care of all the essentials that are required to make the trip a comfortable one, the luxury airboat rides in Everglades teach you and your loved ones to the experience of a lifetime. Group packages, private tours and semi-private tours are on the offer from the professionals. Catering to the demand of the guests from


Explore The Everglades Welcome to the Everglades, home of the American Alligators and family fun located in Miami, Florida. When it’s time to take to the glades, hop on a luxury vessel for the best Everglades airboat tour. The Luxury airboat thrill is not your average gator park.   17696 SW 8 ST Miami, FL


Adventure is where you find it.


Semi Private Airboat Tour

The 1-hour semi private airboat adventure is our most economic tour. It covers 8 miles of the Florida Everglades. The most common animals seen on any adventure are alligators birds and turtles in their natural habitat (NO CAGES OR FISH TANKS). This adventure is shared with other guests but on a smaller airboat. No more than 11 passengers on the airboat for this adventure. Children under 6 years old are free. This tour is only available at 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm and 2:00pm.

35 Minutes west of South Beach.
$60.00 – per adult.
$30.00 – per children 6 – 12 years old.

Everglades Airboat Tour

1 Hour Private Airboat Tour

The 1 hour private Airboat Adventure covers approximately 8 miles of the Florida Everglades. This is a great way to get a taste of the Glades. The most common animals seen on any adventure are Alligators, Birds, Turtles, and just some of the beauty the Everglades has to offer. All private tours are on small and open airboats. All airboats come stocked with ice and water so you may bring whatever you wish to eat or drink onboard. Walk ups welcome but are subject to availability. Reservations are recommended.

$200 – for up to 2 people
each additional person – $60

explore the everglades

1.5 Hour Private Airboat Tour ❤️

Guests best recommendation. The 1.5 hr private Airboat Adventure covers approximately 13 miles of the Florida Everglades. This is a great adventure if you want to get a good taste of the Florida Everglades. The extra half an hour allows us to cover an additional 5 miles over the 1 hour private. The deeper you go the better allows you to see a greater variety of species. Please note that there are no animals in cages or fish tanks for any adventure we offer. As unique as the Everglades are this is truly a unique experience to be enjoyed by any nature lover.

$275.00 – for up to 2 people
each additional person – $60.00


2 Hour Private Airboat Tour

The 2 hr private Airboat Adventure covers approximately 17 miles of the Florida Everglades. This is the way to go if you want to see the Florida Everglades. It is just enough time to fall in love with the beautiful sounds, take some great pictures and explore an island a bit. Animals are all throughout the Everglades, The 2-hour adventure has the advantage of covering more ground. A unique and fantastic experience on all levels, make this adventure the best just read the reviews and see what visitors have to say.

$375 – up to 2 people
each additional person – $60

Private Airboat Tour

The Sunset And Night Time Tours

Florida is known for many beautiful things and among them are our majestic and surreal sunsets, and that is why we offer the Sunset and Night-Time Tours. Wondrous memories and adventure await you as the sun goes down and stars shine.The rates for this adventure begin at 4:00pm daily. Reservations are recommended at least 1 day in advance.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One Hour: $275.00 for two people.
One And A Half Hours: $375.00 for two people.
Two Hours: $475.00 for two people.

$60.00 Dollars for each additional person over the age of 5.


Airboat Transportation

Reservations are recommended at least 1 day in advance. Private airboat tours can be scheduled for anytime of the day you wish depending on availability. Transportation is door to door service with no multiple stops. The average drive time from Miami’s South Beach to Airboat In Everglades is approximately 35 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic. Your on vacation, we’ll pick you up.

1.5 Hour Private Airboat tour with pick up
$475.00 – Minimum of 4 Guests
each additional guest – $60
2 Hour Private Airboat tour with pick up
$575.00 – Minimum of 4 Guests
each additional guest – $60


What people says about Arboat in Everglades?


Captain Pete is the Alligator Whisperer!!!

My best friend and I were in Miami 10/5-10/8 for her birthday and wanted to do a different experience. After a quick Google search, we decided on Airboat in Everglades. They gave us a fair price for the two of us so we reserved the hour.

Adventure is where you find it.

Excellent airboat tour!

We saw many alligators, a turtle and beautiful birds. The vast everglades are breathtaking. It was worth taking this tour so we could explore the natural beauty of the everglades.

Another Item Off My Bucket List

Airboat in Everglades, which is limited to 10-11 people. You meet at the Pilot Travel Center. Step inside and there is a chair and tiny table to the left by the knives display. This is where you check in and pay. Then you follow the employee in your car about 1/2 mile due west and park in a little parking area near where the airboats are waiting.

I will never forget this experience.

This airboat trip was amazing. I will never forget this experience. Our tour guide Bill showed us very special things and could tell us a lot about the birds, gators and plants. He is so enthusiastic and friendly, what makes the boat trip even more fun. I would suggest this trip to everyone!!!

Andy B

We just want to give a great thank you to Willy for his excellent tour guide last Saturday He was very informative and a very nice guy. He made the ride feel safe and exiting. Thank you all we had a blast on our Airboat Tour.

Thrilling Airboat Ride

We took semi private air boat trip with this company. Our captain was Willie. The trip was on my bucket list! It lasted an hour and fulfilled our expectations. Willie was very friendly and informative and made our trip fun. I would definitely recommend this airboat tour to anyone.


Everglades News

Airboat and the Everglades

Airboat and the Everglades What are you waiting for to Explore the Florida Everglades. Call Airboat In Everglades today to confirm the time of your Private Airboat adventure with the best Captains the Florida Everglades has to offer.

Everglades airboat tour disclosure

DISCLAIMER: ***RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK*** Cancellations must be received 48-hours in advance in order to receive a full refund.. A 50% cancellation charge will be issued if you are a no show or cancel within 48 hours prior to your reservation. If the adventure is canceled on behalf of Airboat In [...]


EVERGLADES NEWS – 2017/2018 Prayers for the pilots and passengers of the 2 small planes that have crashed in the Florida Everglades approximately SW 227 Avenue. Thank you to CBS 4 for sharing the Information. Reports of a fish kill (Sarasota County) and slight respiratory irritation [...]


TODAYS TOURS 1 HOUR SEMI PRIVATE 1 Hour Semi  Private Airboat Adventure This boat is shared with a maximum up to 10 guests.  There are no Children rates for these adventures.  This adventure cover about 6 to 8 miles depending on sightings. Children under 4 years of age are free. $60.00 per [...]