Water levels in our operating area now exceed 8.5’ and are rising steadily. We have seen greatly increased use of levees and tree islands by wildlife throughout the system. The area is closed by Executive Order. Unfortunately, due to the increasing water levels, all activities of the area are suspended.

The FWC, and Commissioner Bergeron in particular, has been working very closely with federal and state partners to address the high-water situation in the Everglades. Because of the great coordination between the agencies, on average, more water is moving out of the system than in. An Emergency Deviation is in effect until water levels return to the regulation schedule. Unfortunately, these actions and recent rains have put more water in the area of the Everglades. Wildlife scatters to higher ground in order to survive drowning. We respect nature and the beautiful animals all guests see through out the adventure and have sense moved operations further west but are not offering the same tours until the water level drops.

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you know that our primary goal is the protection of Everglades wildlife and habitats they depend on for their well-being and for the enjoyment of the people of world to see.


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