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Kelly R.
Beverly Hills, CA
We had a great tour! It was easy to find and meet up.
Captain Moe was super helpful and patient with us and the wildlife.
He answered all of our questions and seemed super comfortable with his abilities and confident with his tour.
We saw many alligators of various ages as well as other wild life.
The weather was great and it was well worth the trip.
Would definitely do it again and take those who haven’t ever been.

At the end of the day- Great time had by all!


Jeanette E.
Rio Rancho, NM
Amazing Florida experience!! Truly a special treat for both locals and visitors alike. We had a large group that were able to be accommodated on two boats, and it was thoroughly enjoyable for everyone, including the two toddlers! Our tour guide, Moe, was absolutely fantastic, down to earth, incredibly friendly and easy to talk to and encouraged answering questions. Highly recommend him!! We weren’t sure what to expect as far as seeing any alligators goes, but we were all lucky to see a good handful, and a couple (a female and one they called Jumper) even came right up to our boat! A show stealer were the corvid birds that landed on the boat itself. We also saw lots of cranes, dragonflies, butterflies, and fish. The boat ride was super peaceful (albiet loud, though it was perfect wearing the ear muffs) and lulled my 2-year-old to sleep on our way back. Something I enjoyed personally was that this was an experience out in nature. These animals are wild and in their natural habitat, which was much more special than simply going to see them confined in cages in the zoo. Thank you for the wonderful and memorable airboat ride through the Everglades!

Jonathan C.
Irvine, CA

Went on an hour tour on a Wednesday morning and it was great! Very friendly staff and super helpful. You meet at a gas station and have to carpool less than 5 minutes to the dock so if you arrive by Uber or Lyft you need to make sure they can stick around to take you to the dock too. Also you’ll need to catch a ride for the way back but I didn’t have any problems locating an Uber/Lyft from the gas station/dock. They take you to 3-5 different spots in the Everglades marsh which it’s just an introductory airboat ride into the Everglades, it’s not like you’re going deep in the Everglades or anything but still very cool experience. I don’t think I would’ve gone for more than 90 minutes and definitely recommend bringing a jacket if you get cold easily, especially if it’s not too warm outside. When comparing this company to other tours, it sounds like some of the larger tours with the pizazz only take you out for 15 minutes or so and have a lot of people per boat compared to max I think 8 per boat with Airboat in Everglades. Overall I’m happy with my decision to go with them when I went out for a trip and would recommend going through them.

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